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adding storage and more to the cloffice

After the new cloffice in my daughters room was painted with chalkboard paint it needed some shelving and accessories to make it a functioning “office”. I wanted to keep it simple so I purchased two floating shelves, an IKEA Fintorp wall storage system which has been a bit hit in the kitchen, and an IKEA Billy bookcase. All of these pieces put together will add plenty of storage for any age. 
First up is the Billy bookcase. The dimensions are so perfect that it fits very snuggly in the left corner of the closet facing the opposite side wall. The desktop I’ll be adding will be a floating one so there won’t be any sides obstructing access to all the shelves. For now they can hold items like a basket with hair accessories and toys. As my daughter gets older it will be a great storage system for books, homework supplies, etc.

Next I added a Fintorp wall storage system. The caddies will hold pencils, colored pencils, markers and more. Extra hooks can hold scissors or other tools.
I centered the rail within the opening of the closet. I marked where the studs were to secure the rail into them. Two floating shelves were being added above the Fintorp so I marked out where they would go as well. One benefit to a chalkboard wall was being able to mark where all my screws would go. I also drew the shelves out to make sure I liked the spacing.

Once the rail was in I added the two floating shelves above it. These shelves are more for accessories although I made sure they were screwed into the studs just in case.
I then added some wall mounted lights. I installed two IKEA Astrid wall lamps. They are plug in lamps which turn on with a pull switch. I plan on hiding the white cord with a cord cover and then painting that with chalkboard paint as well. This way the cords will disappear within the wall. 

The cloffice is already being used in the state that it is in. Adding the desk area in the closet has really opened up the bedroom and enlarged the footprint of the room. All that is left is building the desktop, hiding the cords and finding some more accessories!
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