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adding new furniture to a room

My living room has recently felt like it was missing something. The sofa is facing the television unit with its back to our large window. A chair and ottoman are in the corner next to the television and facing the sofa. There are two secretary desks near the fireplace and a large basket for our toy overflow in the corner. 

When we have people over I always feel like the seating arrangement is missing a chair. We usually end up moving my husbands’ desk chair close to the sofa so that we can all actually have conversations. I knew that one more chair would do the trick. 

I had purchased my sofa, chair and ottoman and desk chair all in one place and all in one day. I wasn’t exactly sure how to bring a new piece in  without having it scream “Hello, I’m the new piece.” My other pieces are neutral enough and I knew any new piece would have to follow that route. It has worked well for me so far. I don’t want to be tied down to any color scheme a non-nuetral sofa would bring to the room. Changing my pillows on a whim is a monthly occurrence around here. I was looking for neutral with texture to add a little interest.

When Homeware asked me a couple weeks ago if Iā€™d like to try out one of their chairs I knew my living room was complete. Their gorgeously designed site (that is the graphic designer talking) is full of gorgeously designed chairs (that is the homeowner browsing for a new chair talking). Take a look…

With a large selection of fabrics to choose from and so many well designed chairs I had a tough time. I narrowed it down to one chair and two fabric selections. Within a couple days I had my swatches and they were the perfect blend of neutral and texture. Neutral, not bland and very high end!

 barley / fog
I decided to go with the fog for a couple reasons. First of all my sofa and chairs are a relatively light shade of neutral. Some have pattern and some do not. I wanted a warmer shade of neutral to contrast that look a bit. I also wanted some texture. On top of that I wanted a chair that would not be off limits to my kids. Darker = better. So Fog won out. Are you wondering what chair I picked? Take a guess. Think nice curves and nailhead trim. 

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