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adding the cozy factor..

The other day I made some big impact changes in my living room by simply switching the location of two pieces of furniture. The easy adjustment created a comfortable and inviting spot which is the first thing you see when walking in my front door. 

I still had some more changes in mind for that corner. The pieces on the wall are two wooden wall plaques that I bought years ago. They seemed too dark for that space now so I relocated some frames from my upstairs hallway and added them to the corner. I also put the small table on the other side of the chair to break up two pieces of furniture being next to each other.


The white frames with family photos lighten up the space and add a very cozy feel to this section of the living room. I plan on building this wall up a bit more so it will be the kind of project where I slowly add each item piece by piece. The addition of a family dates print, available in my Etsy shop (go on, take a peek), has set the tone for not just pictures but anything personal and sentimental to my family. Everything is hung up with 3M strips so I can easily change the arrangement around to suit any new additions. 
The only problem with all this, as my 9 year old informed me (we had company coming, she had concerns), was that our upstairs hallway now looks “boring and plain.” Insert an image of me gleefully rubbing my hands together. I smell a new project!

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