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Adding character to your plain garage doors…

Months back I was wandering through Pinterest Land and came across this image…

By finding those six pieces of hardware I could add some character and curb appeal to my own home. I searched around the internet and came across Garage Door Hardware Direct. They offer a variety of decorative parts and accessories in your choice of finishes for residential as well as commercial overhead doors. Many of there products can be used on gates, fences, barn doors, and window shutters. 
I chose the Americana Series Pull and Strap Hardware Set. It comes with four stamped steel strap hinges and two narrow pull handles. All of this is purely decorative and not meant to open or close your garage door. One set covers one garage door. 
The set came with very clear instructions as well as the necessary screws. All I needed was a pencil, level, drill bit and screwdriver. I started with an ordinary garage door
My door has raised panels and a row of windows. I decided to install the first set of hinges at the top of the joint under the window.
I began by marking where the strap hinges would go. It was important to make sure that the pieces did not overlap the joints in order to not interfere with the operation of the door. I made sure each pencil mark was level and then drilled a hole using the drill bit.  
one hinge

two hinges

three hinges

four hinges

Installing the door handles was just as easy. I used the pencil and level again, then drilled the holes with the drill bit and screwed in the handles.

This whole project took me a total of twenty minutes. Three cars stopped by during the process to comment on my doors, and I don’t live on a busy street! They looked realistic enough for my three year old to try it out and then tell me he can’t open the doors. 

Sometimes the smallest detail can make such a difference. Do you have some boring garage doors that could use some help?
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