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a simple clothing solution…

I’m bringing you a quick and easy solution that I came up with for those “almost dirty yet not exactly clean” clothing situations. No novel concepts, just something that I have found useful.
I used some 3M hooks in a stainless steel finish and placed them behind the door of my sons’ shared bedroom. This solution is for the clothes they have already worn but which are still wearable. My children are quick to throw clothing in the laundry hamper because it is just easier for mom to do more laundry rather than for them to put some clothing away. I’m sure I’m not alone on this one. 
I wanted to give them another option that was not the bedroom floor. If they actually see the item of clothing they can go for it again rather than take out something clean. This is more of a reality in the cold winter months when a sweatshirt or sweater is wearable again. Giving them another alternative of where to put clothing at the end of the day means just slightly less laundry for me. 
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