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4 chairs and no sofa…

My family room has one sofa that is about 15 years old. Sixteen in August to be exact. It was the first piece of furniture my husband and I purchased when we got married. It was green leather, had the option of being a pull-out sofa for guests and at the time, it was awesome. We used it as a living room sofa until we moved into out current home 3 years ago.  Fifteen years later and the green leather is not so awesome. It is now covered with a neutral slip cover. The sofa bed has not been pulled out or slept on in about 8 years. It is heavy, clunky and not very versatile. 
Versatility is important in my family room. Most of the time the floor space is in active use, meaning someone is having a dance off party, making a fort, playing a game, wrestling with the dog, etc… Creating a seating arrangement with no wiggle room wouldn’t work for my family. We have dragged the heavy sofa to the far wall for sleep overs and much more. I had been toying with the idea of a sectional mostly because they are so comfortable. The only problem would be I could not rearrange the room. Ever.

The versatility I mentioned above is also important to me. I like change. Growing up we used to change our furniture around all the time, from bedrooms to the living room. My father would make a new piece of furniture and we would test it out at home. There was always change. My husband’s family on the other hand had decided on a furniture arrangement and never moved it once in the 40 plus years they lived in their childhood home. My poor husband thought I was nuts when we were first married because my idea of fun was rearranging the living room. I want a family room arrangement that lets me rearrange to my hearts content.

So while reading through Better Homes and Gardens the other day I came across this picture….

A casual seating arrangement with four chairs. You get a flexible seating option for any room. If you want full use of the floor just scoot the chairs to the side. Is movie night on your agendas? Just line them up for some stadium seating. And just think of the blanket forts you can create!
I turned to pinterest for some more inspiration…
pure style home
interior design musings
coastal living
decor pad

sarah richardson design

This type of arrangement could work for any space, casual or formal. Do you have a small living room? This could be a great option. Do you have a large living room? This could be a way to divide it up into sections.

Go ahead, rearrange some furniture.

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