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Oct 1, 2014

eye candy {family command centers}

With my plans for a family command center underway I needed some ideas. I knew what items I wanted on there already but I wanted some direction as to how they would be presented. I was looking for something neat and not too busy. I wanted to display it in a way that didn’t scream “office cubicle.” It should be easy to keep in order with not too much space for pile ups. It would be dislayed in my kitchen so I wanted it to look a bit personal as well. Here are some of my favorites...

via Pottery Barn

via Beneath My Heart

via Home Heart Harmony

via The Happy Housewife

via Ciburbanity

via Southern Living

via SAS Interiors

via The Caldwell Project

Sep 29, 2014

design harmony...

Did you grow up in a home where certain rooms were off limits? Were toys not allowed in the living room. Was the dining room table only used on major holidays? The rules are changing and these days families are choosing the casual family home over the formal home. I’m over at the Homeware blog with some tips on how to make your home work for your busy family without sacrificing style!

via BHG

Sep 26, 2014

my list of ideas for a blank wall...

Now that I have a blank white wall in my kitchen I need to figure out what to put there. I wrote down a couple options so I could get an idea of what we could use in that space.  I included what I would love to add to that space, what I needed for our busy family, and what I’d want to keep it functional and pleasing to look at all at the same time. Most of my ideas pointed me to a family command center...

I’m hoping to incorporate a little bit of everything on my list all in one space. Wish me luck!

Sep 24, 2014

Stikwood - peel and stick wood planking

When I painted my kitchen white I left one wall unpainted, on purpose of course. I’m slowly transitioning my kitchen from a traditional look to a rustic industrial space. I’m doing this by making mostly cosmetic changes as well as removing some cabinets to open the space up. The unpainted wall is the frosting on my cupcake. 

One of the elements of rustic industrial design that I love is the use of wood planks. With the help of Stikwood this is an easy look to achieve in any space. Stikwood is a peel and stick wood planking option. Instead of the hours cutting up planks of wood and nailing them to the wall you can achieve the same look with a level, measuring tape and an exacto blade. It is a gorgeous and easy way to accent a wall, a door, some furniture, a kitchen island, or anywhere else you can imagine it. 


Each plank is 3/16 inch thick and 5 inches wide. The lengths vary from 1 to 4 feet. Stikwood comes in a variety of colors that could fit any style from modern to rustic. It can go almost anywhere except outdoor spaces or high moisture areas such as a bathrooms. 

I ended up choosing Reclaimed Weathered wood in white. It adds the rustic to my all white kitchen, and then some! My entire wall took me about forty minutes to put up, no hammers or nails needed! It was such a huge transformation in such a small amount of time. This is the perfect project for even a beginniner DIYer. I started with a clean, dry and dust free wall...

Beginning at the top of the wall I just peeled off the backing and stuck the plank on the wall. If your wall is not level it is a good idea to create a reference line to keep everything straight. Since the planks come in a variety of sizes I was able to place quite a few down without having to cut. I made sure of course that my pattern was staggered.

When it came time to cut a plank I simply lined it up underneath the slot it would go in and marked off where to cut. No measuring!

Using my triangle, cutting mat and exacto blade I was able to cut each piece. The instructions tell you to use a miter saw but with a couple passes of the exacto blade I was able to get a clean cut. 

Then more cutting, peeling and sticking until all the gaps were gone. I made sure to lay out the planks and mix up the colors a bit. There was quite a variety of color on each so I didn’t want similar boards next to each other.


When all the peeling and sticking was done I went over the entire wall with the rubber roller which is included. I carefully went over the edges and ends of the planks. Just an FYI - this little job is so easy a 5 year old can do it. True story.

This is such a high impact change in such a small amount of time. It has added quite the “wow” factor to my kitchen. It can also be a great way to hide blemishes in your wall or even those lovely stucco walls that take the cozy factor out of any room!


wood planked wall



wood planked wall

wood planked wall

wood planked wall

Thank you to Stikwood for sponsoring this post. Follow the link for more ideas on how it can be used in your home or even commercial space.

Sep 22, 2014

i like chairs...

I love all sorts of furniture but you can tell my fondness for chairs as soon as you step into my front door. On my console shelf in my entryway is my collection...

It started with these four silver plated chairs. I bought them years ago at Pottery Barn. I think they were the first item I ever purchased there. They are actually meant to be place card holders. There is a small slot on the back of each chair for the card to fit in. I’ve never used them for that. 

I just keep them out because I love how they look. They are silver plaited and detailed and tiny.  Sometimes I find them in strange configurations with lego characters on them. 

My next chair items is my own creation. I printed out an image of a chair, cut it out with an exacto knife and then glued it onto some ornate paper. I had only one child at the time and with lots of extra time on my hands!

The newest addition to the collection is this chair I found over the summer. I love that it is detailed in its own way and on a total different scale than the other chairs. That is always a plus when putting together a collection!

They all look very different on their own but put them all together and I have the beginning of something. This collection was not forced and happened over the span of many years. I always have my eyes open to find a unique addition to the group. 

What collections have you put together?

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