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we're almost there!

So the walls have been sheet rocked and plastered. The ceiling has been skim coated in a lovely new pattern. The rooms down in the basement have shape and corners. The most dramatic change is the doorway leading down to the basement. I shouldn’t call it a doorway because we basically removed the door and the walls around the doorframe all the way to the ceiling. It opens up the hallway at the top of the stairs and just beckons you to come down and lounge, visit, play or do laundry! It is such a transformation and came out better that I expected. I can usually envision how plans will come out and I did not envision the way this lack of a door makes me feel. Since there are only six steps down to the basement from the floor above, you can see clear across the room almost. (Insert a picture of me here with a smiley face!) Here is the latest tour…
stairs down to basement
view back up the “stairs”
laundry room 
view from inside laundry room
play area on left and laundry room on right
play area closet (big plans for this one!)
family room

family room wall of future built ins
other side of family room
pantry closet on left and “my” closet on right
view straight across from bottom of stairs to storage room
doorway to storage room (double doors to be installed)
storage room with view to bulk head door
from back of house to front

Not sure what is next or even how much time is left. So far so good and the end is definitely near!

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