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using pillows to bring a room together…

The furniture I have on my porch are two mismatched pieces of wicker. Both are Craiglist finds which saved me a bundle,  I only paid $65 for both pieces. The sofa just required some good cleaning while the chair needed a haircut. The previous owners must have had a cat who had a field day with the chair arms. I snipped off any stray pieces of wicker and added some lysol to get any smells out. There was still something missing though. The sofa and chair needed to be brought together somehow. 

From the beginning of my search I knew that I only wanted to purchase furniture that would match. I tried to find two pieces with the same tones in them. I bought the sofa first and only looked for a chair with similar tones afterward. The chair I bought about a month after the sofa. Sitting together in the unpainted porch they weren’t perfect matches but they were close enough. 
My plan to unify them did not involve a can of spray paint. It involved pillows. After taking careful measurements I found some sofa and chair cushions on Amazon. They are a solid shade of gray with texture in the fabric. It is a mix between linen and burlap. I wasn’t expecting the textured fabric so I loved that little extra surprise I got when they came in the mail. 
Once they were on I stopped noticing that the colors were just slightly off. And then came the throw pillows with fabric generously supplied by Tonic Living

Tonic Living is an online fabric store with a large selection of modern and contemporary fabrics as well as pillows, window treatments and hardware. They made it easy for me to find fabrics that were a mix of fun and soothing to enhance the look of my porch. The pillows were the pop of color that my otherwise gray, white and blue porch was waiting for! 
clockwise from top – cats cradle in papaya, millie in tutti frutti, small ikat dot in buff, flatiron in ocean

Each pillow took me about twenty minutes to make using a simple envelope method. I first purchased some pillow forms to figure out how many pillows I wanted without crowding up the sofa too much. Then I got sewing, tutorial to come! 
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