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This closet is getting clothing.

My boys closet got stripped of it doors a while back to make room for the Ikea Expedit I put inside. I haven’t regretted this move one bit. It has freed up the rest of the room to fit in two twin beds as well as plenty of play space. It stays organized and all those bins hold clothes and some toys. The books aren’t organized by size or color, although I did try it once. It stayed that way for about 20 minutes. 
All in all it works great, except for the top. I can’t take the bar down which holds the clothes on either side. Seeing everything stored on the top shelf of the closet does not make me happy. I’d put more “stuff” but then I’d see that too, so I’m limiting my storage capability. I’ve been looking for a way to cover all that up, as well as the perfect fabric to do it with. Here is what I ordered. 

The plan is to make a valance on rings that is mounted on the inside of the closet. The bottom of the valance will hit the top of the Expedit. Curtains across the entire closet was another option. I vetoed that one for a couple reason. First of all I want the boys to be able to get to their clothes, books and toys easily. Second, I want to be able to access the sides of the closets. I have hooks in there where they hang their pajamas, and “previously worn but not yet dirty” clothing. 


The third reason for not putting panels across the entire closet is the fact that over the weekend my boys pulled down the curtains in the dining room. The 3 brackets snapped all at once. What I thought were metal brackets were actually plastic wrapped in foil! Ahhhh, life with boys!
So keep tuned, a new tutorial is coming up!!
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