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{recycled} vase

The other day my sister handed me a candlestick that she didn’t know what to do with anymore. She had bought it as part of a pair but one broke. It was hard to find a candle that fit into the center section and looked awkward on its own. I told her I’d see what I could do with it, she know I love a challenge!

I looked at it for a couple seconds, flipped it over and saw the hollow bottom. A vase! That’s right, the candlestick sits solidly when turned upside down. It is tall and has a great shape. 

I bought some painters tape, found some paint samples I had purchased trying to figure out color for my new laundry room, and got to work. 

First I taped stripes from top to bottom. This was probably the longest part of the whole project. I had to make sure the stripes lined up all the way around. Those black dots you see are me trying to figure out if I wanted to use a permanent marker to make flowers. I went with the stripes. Once the tape was on I applied two coats of paint. 

Then I waited. I’m not a patient person but I resisted the urge to pull the tape off. When it was finally ready I slowly took the tape off.

 It looks great on my mantel for now.  I might have to give it back to my sister after she reads this though.

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