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reclaiming the porch…

The past couple of weeks my three season porch has looked like this…

This is not exactly what I wanted for spring. I started my porch renovation the end of April last year. I had plans to finish up and enjoy it all summer. It took longer than expected and I finished it mid-August. We enjoyed it as long as possible until the weather turned cold and then closed it up for the winter. Now that spring might possibly eventually come and grace us with her presence I want to be ready. That means finishing up this leg of my kitchen banquette and reclaiming my porch.
The first step was moving the kitchen table and chairs aside My kitchen looked like this for an afternoon until my husband got home from work to help me move the bench. Poor guy is so used to me changing and rearranging that he thought I was leaving the kitchen table right in the middle of the kitchen. I came home from errands to find him feeding the kids dessert like it was the tables’ new home. He was a little relieved when I explained the plan!

I did some sweeping and dusting to clean out all the corners first. This whole area will be changing but one project at a time.

The bench (it’s not a banquette yet!) was moved into its new home. We’ve been using it on a daily basis and the kids love it. I’ve even removed one chair since the bench seats two. 
The round kitchen table was moved back into place until I’m able to figure out what I want for a new table. Something rectangular so that two people can sit at the bench comfortably.

 The table hasn’t been moved back and forth as much since the table fits over the bench. There is still some more work to do until I call it a banquette.  I’ll be creating an upholstered back as well as a cushion for the bench top. So far so good!

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