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playroom moodboard

The basement family room will have a small nook which will be a playroom section. It needs to work with the rest of the room. Even though it is a playroom I don’t want it to scream “this is where the toys are!” I’d like to make some floor cushions which can be pulled into the family room section for extra seating, lounging, or movie night. There is a closet which will contain all the toys, hopefully neatly separated into plastic bins. We’ll see how long that lasts!
I’d love to put a flokati rug in there. Nice nod to my heritage, and they sure are cozy. I love the ideas of putting simple curtain panels like in the image on the right,  to separate the space. Other than a simple table to build the latest Lego tower on, there will be no furniture. I don’t want to crowd the space, which is basically 8 feet x 8 feet. My kids love playing on the floor anyways. The table in the center is the Lack coffee table so if it is not needed, I’ll drag it in front of the sofa. I can’t wait to get this all started. Lots of do-it-yourself projects to come. You can get some hints about what I have in the mind from the moodboard. Any guesses?

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