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painting a ceramic lamp…

You know that lamp sitting in your basement, attic or husband’s office at work? The one that was bought ages ago and has a ripped shade which isn’t even worth photographing. I’m talking about this lamp…

This one was in my husband’s office at work and rather than buy him a new one I decided to give this one a makeover. I first covered the base and top section with painters tape. 
I cleaned it up with some glass cleaner and started painting, using some sample house paint I had in French Antique blue.
A couple coats later and I had a new lamp with a matte finish. I finished it off with 2 coats of Krylon Crystal Clear gloss spray and then let it all dry overnight.
One linen lampshade later and I had a brand new lamp. Just for effect, here is the before…
and the after…

Ahhhh, much better. You know you have one of these lying around somewhere. Go spray yourself a brand new lamp!
TDC Before and After
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