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Organize your paperwork with DIY clipboards…

Life is full of paperwork. I needed a better system to keep track of my three children’s homework, latest achievement, birthday invitations and more. All of this paperwork is kept in my kitchen but was becoming lost. I wanted something visible, separated by child and nice to look at. I came across some clipboards and purchased three for $3.65 each, one for each child. They were extremely sturdy and I knew that once I added a few personal touches they would be up to the job.


I painted the edges with red craft paint since I wasn’t a fan of the cardboard brown look. Once the paint was dry I cut some faux bois wrapper paper to modge podge onto the front. The thicker the wrapping paper the better. I was able to find this roll for only $2.99. Plenty left over for some fun holiday wrapping!


I outlined the edge of the clipboard with pencil and cut it out, measuring around the hardware. If you are doing more than one create a template with the first one to make things easier on yourself.

I spread a layer of modge podge onto the clipboard and then lay the wrapping paper down, smoothing out any bubbles that appear. A layer of modge podge was added on top to create a glossy and protective layer.


Once dry I hung them up using 3M velcro strips. This does the trick since each clipboard is pretty lightweight and would only be holding paperwork. I hung them in a section of my kitchen that holds all our art supplies, cookbooks and “office” items.  Right now they contain everyone’s weekly homework packets or in the case of my 4 year old, the latest piece of artwork! When summer rolls around they will be perfect for the camp schedules, the summer bucket lists and food-art of course.

Try this in your kitchen, mudroom, bathroom, above a desk or even along a long hallway. Personalize it by picking out your own scrapbook paper or wrapping paper to cover it with. Place family photos, children’s artwork, simple messages or pages from your favorite book. We’ve been using it for about two months now and it has been a great system for my busy family.
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