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My rug search begins

As our basement project gets closer and closer I want to do a little cybershopping beforehand on some items we’ll be needing down there. First on my list is an area rug. I’ll be putting white board and batten down there, with a neutral color on the tops of the walls. The floors will be the Allure TrafficMaster dark vinyl plank flooring which looks a lot like real wood. I only have one piece of furniture which is my old green leather sofa, lovingly covered over in a neutral slipcover. I want to get my color from fabrics in the form of pillows, an ottoman project, an extra chair or two and window treatments. In order to not get stuck in any sort of color rut, I want my area rug to be neutral. I’m hoping to use some industrial chic pieces down there as well, so I want the rug to balance all that out. Here are some ideas for the look I’m going for in a rug.

Country Living
House Beautiful

House Beautiful

Martha O’Hara Interiors
After browsing a bit I’ve come up with these options. Of course this does not include a trip to good old Home Goods! The first two are from Ballard Design, one of my favorite resources. I don’t get many things from them, just great ideas. These two rugs are neutral, with a bit of a pattern which I love. They won’t overwhelm the room, but are still interesting enough on their own. 
Ballard Design Suzanne Kasler Herringbone Sisal Rug

Ballard Design Trellis Rug
Next up are some rugs I found on I’ve purchased a rug from them before and am very happy with it so I’d take the plunge again. The first one is neutral enough, but maybe too bland. I’m realizing more and more I want a bit of a pattern within the neutral, if that isn’t too much to ask. The second one is interesting, but a bit too dramatic. I think if the damask had been closer in tone to the background, or in a smaller repetitive pattern, I’d be very intrigued. That one isn’t the exact look I’m going for.
Overstock Hand-woven Natural Jute Rug
Overstock Handmade Alexa Modern Damask Wool Rug
I really love the next two rugs from Wayfair. I’m a sucker for anything from Dash and Albert. These rugs have the texture and pattern I’m looking for but in a very subtle way. They would go perfect with the color scheme I’m going for. My wallet might not agree though.
Dash and Albert Woven Diamond Indoor/Outdoor Rug
Dash and Albert Hooked Plain Tin Ivory Wool Rug
The next three are from Pottery Barn. They look great but I worry about texture for these ones. These will be in the family room, so I do want people and children specifically to be able to sit on these. If they are rough or scratchy I will not have happy campers. It might look great but it needs to function as well. 
Pottery Barn Heathered Chenille Jute Rug – Natural
Pottery Barn Chunky Wool and Natural Jute Rug
Pottery Barn Solid Sisal Rug – Linen

So what are your experiences? Jute and Sisal rugs are neutral and attractive, but are they practical?

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