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My old lamp is new again

About 10 years ago we purchased some floor lamps for our living room. We had no overhead lighting in there and decided on the lamp below, two of them. 
They gave off a warm glow to the room and all was well. Then, after 10 years I wanted a change. I contemplated sending them to the basement, but again, we have no overhead lights in the living room. On a lucky trip through Home Goods I came across two large lampshades for $15 each.

 I loved the fabric, it was neutral and would fit in well with the rest of my living room. I didn’t have the measurements of the glass piece at the top of my lamps so I thought I’d take a chance. I could always return them if they didn’t fit. The metal piece at the top would work out great and could sit on top of the glass, which never got hot anyways. 

They fit perfect! It was meant to be. What are the chances of finding two of them anyways?

 I have them on opposite corners of my living room. They have totally transformed the lamps. You’d never know what was underneath. And for those of you who are wondering how my living room looks clean with three little ones running around, it isn’t. As I was talking pictures and stepping on Lego’s, I was being told by my two year old that I wrecked Bob’s house. Sorry Bob.

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