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Mapping out your lights

Last week I let you know about a solution I had come up with to add some pretty to my basement, currently under construction. I wanted to share the lighting plan I came up with. I didn’t want one switch turning on the whole space at once, so I divided the basement into five zones. 
The first obvious zone is the laundry room. It is its’ own room so it has a switch on the inside of the door. There will be two recessed lights in there which should be plenty in that eight foot by eight foot space.
The next zone is the “hallway”. This light will be at the top of the stairs and will turn on the three recessed lights that light the area from the front of the stairs across the room to the storage room doors. Sorry for the dark shot, these are the only lights that are hooked up so far! These lights will be on dimmers. This zone will come in handy. If I need to get something from the storage room I just flip these on and make my way across.
Next up is the main area. Once you come down the stairs, all six of them, there will be a switch to your left. This zone will be on dimmers as well. You can see my five recessed lights, along with one light bulb hanging down. This one will be removed.

The kids area has two recessed lights also on dimmers. Two is enough for that space for now. At some point I hope to make a desktop underneath the window there. More lighting can be added there with desktop lamps.

The storage room will have its own switch on the inside of the door. This switch will turn on two fluorescent lights which we already had down there and are reusing. In addition each of the three closets have lights inside. These will be turned on by switches inside the closet. The less switches I see the better!
So that’s our plan. We are pretty far along in the electrical portion of our renovation, so I don’t see too much changing at this point. Hopefully I won’t eat those words!

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