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it's not just the basement that's changing..

Our home is a multi level home and has a unique layout. Walking in the front door you are on the front hall, living room, dining room, kitchen and three season porch level. Six steps up from the front hall are the two children’s bedrooms, the main bathroom, the master bedroom and master bathroom. Six steps down from the front hall are the family room, mudroom/laundry room, and a half bath. The door to the garage is off the mudroom/laundry room. Six steps down from the family room is the basement.

We put up walls in the family room and now have a small hallway leading down to the basement. We removed the door to the basement and added a door leading into the “new room.” This new room also has a large walk in closet.

new hallway
open stairway to basement
new room
future closet

So what exactly is this new room? First we were calling it the office, then it became the office/guest room. It is still up in the air. I prefer to think of it as a multipurpose room. It will become whatever I want or need it to be at any given time. The piano will be in there as well as a daybed which converts to a double bed for guests. There will be a large bookcase in there, and TONS of storage in the closet. There is plenty of room for a desk in case we do need an office. Right now we have a secretary desk in our living room which is all the “office” we need at this point. 
So in all this construction I’ve gained a room by simply putting up a wall. Instead of an open random space we will now have a room with a door and privacy. I was worried that the hallway would feel tiny but by removing the door to the basement it has really opened up the space. It was such an unexpected change that we’ve decided to open up the doorway to the mudroom as well. 
I’m sure this room will eventually get a name like everything else does in my house. I was told this past weekend by my 9 year old that my computer is now named Silver Bell. I’ll just wait for her to figure this room out too.
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