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how to patch a wall…

I’m going to warn you ahead of time. These are not the prettiest pictures. I’ll start you off with something pretty to balance out all the ugly. 
First up is a bucket of crayons. Who doesn’t love a bucket of fresh and unused crayons?

 Next up, a sign in a restaurant that I thought would be fun somewhere…

Last but not least is a mirror I saw at HomeGoods. I picked it up for my boys’ shared room but then the DIYer in me put it back down. I’ll keep the picture for future reference…

And now on to the ugly, holes in your wall. When I took all my cabinets down I was left with some holes. Some were deeper than others so I picked up a patching kit at the hardware store, complete with spackling paste, a self-adhesive patch, sand paper and a putty knife.
The spackling paste is sandable and paintable. It also includes a dry time indicator. Pink when fresh, white when dry. 
I first cut the patch to fit over my biggest hole. This was the area around the counter top. A chunk of the wall came out when I lifted the counter away from the wall. Not too bad but it needed more than just spackle. My other holes were smaller nail holes which were easy to fill. After the patch was on I spackled over it, let it dry, sanded a bit and then spackled again. 

I did the same to the smaller holes.

By the time I was done it looked like there was bubble gum all over the place. Or frosting, I couldn’t decided.

Once the spackle dried it was on to the paint. Actually, the whole kitchen got a new coat of paint. Or two or three…

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