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How to apply your inspiration photo

About three years ago I came across an image on Design Sponge of a boys bedroom. It became my inspiration for my boys room which I showed you yesterday. 

Design Sponge
I fell in love with the combination of the gray-blue walls and the red accents. I loved the clean uncluttered look of it. It was simple and functional. Obviously meant to be a child’s bedroom, it could easily be updated to fit any age. It wasn’t even very gender specific. It you took out the wooden bike and some of the truck toys, replacing them with a doll, this could be a girls room. This image sat in my mental file for a while since there was no Pinterest then. 
So how did I apply this to my boys room now? I took the basic elements, the wall color, the red accent color and incorporated them throughout the room. I kept the clean look of the walls and only put up a couple statement pieces. I put simple pelmet boxes above the window. Roll down shades hide underneath them, only visible at night. 
The bedding in the room is part of the red accent feature. I found the simple duvet at Land of Nod. Nothing too busy or overwhelming. I’ve added pillows and shams that either I’ve found at Home Goods or made myself. The rug I found was not a flokati like the one in the inspiration shot. I grew up with those and they are too dusty for me. I found a simple round rug at Home Goods again. 
Do you have an inspiration photo you love and are not sure how to apply it? What is it about the image that really makes you love it? Is it the colors, the feel of the space, the style of the furniture? Maybe you just love the light hanging from the ceiling. Take what jumps out at you and follow that. Like I said, I basically followed the color scheme and clean feel of the room. I didn’t get a red bed, but I used the red influence throughout the room. The inspiration had a mix of modern and vintage styles. I copied that mix of styles. My boys beds are contemporary, the Expedit is modern, the pieces on the wall are vintage or antique. See, mix it up.
Here are the two rooms next to each other. How did I do?

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