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So my chair from Homeware is here and happy in her new home. Her new home is happy as well. I think one of the reasons, for me at least, is that it was all so simple. I’m the figure-outer in this family. From the cameras, to the Wii, to the DVR, to the furniture. I’ve put a lot of things together in my life. Cribs, dollhouses, toy garages, toy kitchens and way too many IKEA pieces to count. I love IKEA, don’t get me wrong, but the wordless instructions with that little featureless man just mocked me as I sat on the floor and put my Expedits together at 11:43 pm. We’ve had 4 of various sizes. I firmly believe that if you can put those together you can do anything. But I digress.
First my boxes came. Two white boxes which were a hit all on their own. More on that later…

Homeware states on their website that it takes 5 minutes or less to put a chair together. If I hadn’t been stopping to take pictures or shoo away over-helpful 4 year olds they would be correct. 
No tools required and the chair comes in a total of five main pieces as well as the chair legs and thumb bolts.

I followed the instructions exactly by attaching the sides to the back and locking them into place. They clicked right together.  Photos courtesy of my 10 year old…

Once both arms were attached to the back I slid the seat into place and secured it using the thumb bolts.

I don’t actually have a picture of that since the 10 year old got bored and I needed both hands. That was it though. Painless and quick.

And the directions. They have words and people with faces on them.

The chair fit right into the room and is the new favorite for all ages. 
Oh, “and what happened to the the boxes,” you ask?
Large and sturdy white boxes make fantastic dollhouses for 18 inch dolls. Just another perk.

Thanks to Homeware for sponsoring this post.
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