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freshening up the outside…

I haven’t done a thing to the outside of our house since we moved in. Things are changing around here and this time I’m focusing on some outdoor projects. Nothing huge, just some cosmetic changes that will freshen up the overall appearance. Currently the front of my house looks like this…

The projects on my list include the following.

1. The front door will be painted a new color (it is currently maroon). I have the color narrowed down to a calm blue, Behr Ozone. I’ve matched my house color to paint samples I brought home. The closest I can get to the actual color is Behr Bone.

All the hardware will be spray painted to look like oil rubbed bronze. The hardware is currently an very aged looking brass. The door step will also be repainted.
2.  The vinyl shutters are currently a nauseating shade of dark green. I’m hoping that by spray painting them black it will change the look of the house color as well. The color currently looks dark yellow (nauseating as well) but when black is placed against it the color warms up a bit to a beige yellow that I can live with. How do I know this you ask? I wrapped a black garbage bag around one of the shutters and stared at it all day. Scientific methods are used up daily here.
3. The third change is very exciting. I’ll keep it under wraps until it is completed but I think it will have quite an impact on the curb appeal!
All of these changes do not cost much at all. I will only be purchasing a couple cans of outdoor spray paint, enough paint for the front door and the surprise which I’ll give more information about later. Stay tuned…
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