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finding the perfect summer blanket…

My boy’s have matching red duvets as their bedding. The 100% cotton canvas is great in the winter. Just the right combination of heavy, warm and cozy. During the summer I’m constantly pulling them off my sleeping and sweaty boys. I usually end up removing the comforter from the duvet cover but this summer I got something different stuck in my head. I wanted to find some lightweight summer blankets. Striped lightweight summer blankets. Blue and white stripped lightweight summer blankets to be exact. If you know me well enough by now you know that once I get something in my head I can’t get it out. I searched and did find some perfect blankets. The problem was that most prices were not so perfect. 
Then the other day an ad came on for Target. I actually paused the tv because I had just caught a glimpse of the perfect blue and white striped summer blanket…
This blanket is the perfect shade of blue and white with touches of red. The stiching on the side was enough for me to be convinced I needed them. These blankets are part of the new FEED USA line available at Target…

I eventually managed to get myself to Target only to find two blankets left, one of each style. They are soft throw blankets, not twin bed blankets but that was not a problem for me. I was hoping to find two blankets per bed and sew them together anyways. I didn’t even mind that they weren’t both my striped preference. It adds a little variety to the bedroom.
I brought home the ones I did get my hands on and did some measuring. Once I laid them on the beds and placed the duvet at the foot you couldn’t tell that they don’t reach all the way to the end. I’m keeping my eyes open so I can grab the other two but I’m good for now! 

FEED USA offers a lot more that just blankets of course. This line is full of clothing, bags, accessories, as well as other home accessories. I had a hard time walking away from all the gorgeous stripe options. There was a bag calling out to me but I resisted. It’s a weakness.

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