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fall mantle

I love everything about fall. The crisp air, the incredible foliage, apple picking, sweaters, boots, apple crisp. I could go on and on. It is also one of my favorite seasons for decorating. This year I kept it simple. Some pumpkins, burlap, berries from our yard, a basket with a lot of history, and a collection of cozy blankets.

I wrote my own message on an actual pumpkin with my favorite black sharpie. I might try this outside as well!

The basket came from my fathers’ house in a small village in Greece. It was originally used by my grandmother to collect the vegetable from the garden and the grapes from the vineyard. It then made the trip here sometime in the 1970’s, sewn up in fabric and loaded with my grandmothers’ cheese. During my childhood it was the basket next to the wood stove that held the kindling wood. Now it is in retirement on my mantle.

I couldn’t resist a velvet pumpkin of course!
My kids love wrapping up in blankets while watching television. They each have their favorite, some of them not very pretty. They are all in this easy to locate basket, covered up by an eye pleasing option pour moi.

I’ve had this tin bin forever. It was actually a Christmas present filled with cracker and cheese, you know the one. I’ve kept it for that “one day I’ll use it” occasion. I’ve always resisted putting in on furniture because it has a very rough bottom and will scratch anything it comes in contact with. I found that out the hard way. I’m happy to say it has finally found a home, along with some dried flowers.

 Happy Fall!
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