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The dust is still settling

Saturday morning our basement looked like this. 
It was still full of some items that we hadn’t moved out yet. The work was mainly supposed to be outside so we were told to make an eight foot radius of free space around the small window in the middle of the picture. Notice how it is slightly open. Bad. Very, very, very bad.

We were going about our business upstairs. It was loud, since they were cutting through the cement foundation at that point. The troops were entertained watching everything going on outside the dining room window. Then I heard the carbon monoxide alarm going off in the basement. I opened the basement door to this.

Remember that little window that was open. All the dust from the cement cutter made its way inside. Inside the relatively clean but not yet emptied basement. Dust was EVERYWHERE. It even managed to make its way upstairs. Not as full scale as in the lower levels, but enough. Luckily our contractor came in with vacuums and fans and got most of the dust out. What was left to move had to be vacuumed and packed. That got done today so we are ready for the next phase. Hopefully that was the messiest part but due to the fact that I just typed those words out, I’m pretty sure I just jinxed myself.
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