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diy iphone cover

So I’ve finally come out of the dark ages and joined the world of technology. In other words I bought an iPhone and I’m in love. Instagram alone has got me hooked. I’m just starting out but come follow along with me.
There are countless covers to choose from but I’m a person that likes change. I didn’t want to buy a cover and be stuck with the same design day in and day out. I came up with a simple way to be able to change my cover any time I wanted to with a clear cover like this one and some pretty scrapbooking paper.

I traced out the back of my iPhone and cut the outline with scissors. I had an extra screen cover lying around so that is what I used to trace the outline. 

I then placed the freshly cut paper into the case and outlining the hole for the camera, using an exacto knife to cut it. 

I now have three separate cover alternatives. I actually cut two from the same piece of paper since I wanted to add some text to one of them. Another option would be to print something out on a printer if you want a photograph, logo, image or personalized text on your cover.

For my more personalized option I typed a word out on my computer and zoomed in so I could copy it using a pencil. After I had it the way I wanted, nothing perfect of course, I outlined it with a Sharpie. I drew small diagonal lines to fill in the text and erased all the pencil marks.

Again, not perfect but at least my kids know whose camera it is…

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