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displaying personal photographs on canvas…

My three season porch has been finished for over a month now. We’ve enjoyed it on a daily basis. It is my afternoon “the kids are about to come home from school” coffee spot, our breakfast spot in the morning, my “I need a quiet place to make a phone call spot”.  I’m pretty sure it’s my mom cave.

As I would sit on the wicker sofa and look at the wall I began to realize it needed one more thing. I wanted to have something personal on that wall that would tie the whole room together. Nothing says personal like your own artwork, photographs to be specific. My family had gone on vacation to Greece about four years ago with lots of photographs to reminisce with. One particular photograph I had in mind was from a stop for lunch. We were on the island my father is from and this was the view from the small restaurant we lunched at. I got this shot as I was chasing my then two year old son around the harbor as he chased a cat. No joke.

I’ve always been fond of this photograph for the memories it brings back of a place I’ve loved my whole life. All the sounds in the air, smells of the flowers and tastes of a delicious lunch by the sea come flooding back. I wanted to see this in my mom cave porch on a daily basis. Not to mention that it brings out the colors of the room as well.

It was such a simple process. I sent the jpg of my original photograph in to Canvas On Demand and in just over one week I had my new canvas. I choose the thick gallery wrap measuring 24 inches x 20 inches. Canvas On Demand had a lot of options to choose from ranging from Gallery wraps to photo retouching to photo splits to entire wall display packages.

I was surprised once my canvas arrived how sturdy and well constructed it was. My photograph was printed on canvas and then wrapped around the frame. I love how you can even see the photograph from the side.  The colors came out so well and the view is just as vibrant as I remember it. 

As I mentioned the canvas really picks up the colors I used for the room, especially the coral pillow with the tile on the roof of the small structure. 

This would make a great gallery wall with other family photographs as well. My upstairs hallway is currently bare but a gallery wall of our family would be perfect. I’ll be enjoying this for years to come!

Thank you to Canvas on Demand for sponsoring this post.

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