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an extra place to draw

My boys were a little envious of the large chalkboard wall in their sisters’ room so I began thinking of how I could give them a version all their own. When I was generously offered an All-In-One chalkboard kit by Lullaby Paints in the color of my choice I had my solution. Lullaby Paints supplied me with a child safe, non-toxic, decorator’s grade chalkboard paint. It was simple to apply in that the kit came with everything I needed. Paint in Kings Red, a tray, painters tape, roller and even chalk!

Instead of painting it on a wall I branched out a bit. I decided on the back of their door. I framed out a section of the back of their door using the tape that was supplied. I wanted to have a basic block to draw on but decided to “make it fancy” by adding a smaller frame around it.

I rolled out the chalkboard paint and painted two layers, letting it dry for about an hour between coats.

chalkboard paint on door
Once the tape was off I sealed it by rubbing the entire chalkboard with the side of a chalk stick. I let that sit for a bit and then rubbed it in. The next day I let them loose…

This is some mad scientist contraption I am told. The round button on the bottom left lets a girl named Annie through. I could be mistaken because twenty minutes later it was a squid fighting an octopus. In other words, they love it.

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