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an art caddy

On a typical day my kitchen table looks like this…

And yes, that does include the 4 year old who loves to draw, write, paint, etc. The art supplies end up getting spread all over the table and most of that spills onto the counters as well. I do have a cabinet to hold the art supplies but as with most of the things in my life, out of sight, out of mind. I love having the crayons and markers and paper within reach so he can doodle whenever he wants. I just needed a better system. 
I had tried a crayon tin which decorated with washi tape. This worked well for the crayons but now that he is branching into markers and more we needed something a little bigger. My 6 year old and 10 year old often join in on the coloring and writing also so I wanted something that worked well for everyone. Since lots of coloring books and paper is involved I needed those to be readily accessible.

Then I spotted the utensil caddy I have for my plastic forks and knives. I only use it when we have big parties so it wouldn’t really be missed. 

 With three small sections for markers and pencils and one large section which could hold paper and coloring books it was the perfect solution.

I made a pile of the paper and coloring books that are constantly on the table, as well as the latest favorite supplies. 

Everything fits and the caddy has a nice new spot in the center of the kitchen table. Right on hand when creativity strikes and easy to put away when they are done!

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