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a simple fall wreath

With a new coat of paint on my front door it is time for some fall decorating. A wreath was in order and after receiving a selection of Aleene’s glue and adhesives I got my craft on. I had found some ribbon which matched my door perfectly, in a fall sort of way. Some simple white glossy plastic fruit and a wreath of branches was all I needed to create a simple wreath. 

I began by wrapping my ribbon around one side of the wreath. I overlapped the ribbon and then glue it  on the back using the Aleene Tacky glue.

After the ribbon was dry I began gluing the white plastic fruit along the other side. 

I glued the last three pieces of fruit on and let the wreath sit to dry, with the help of some makeshift stabilizers!

Since the wreath is so lightweight I was able to hang it up using 3M strips. I’m not ready for any nails in my fresh door yet!

Would you like some more craft ideas? Follow Aleene’s I Love To Create online, on FacebookTwitter, and Pinterest.

I received product and payment via The Blueprint Social ( for this post, however, opinions are 100% my own.

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