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a kitchen banquette {painting}

Spring break is over and after spending some time in warmer weather I’m ready to get back to work on my banquette. After cutting, sanding and filling it is now time to paint. I knew I would be painting this piece white to match the rest of my kitchen. 
I first added a sheet of plastic to protect my painted floors. The three season porch has become my workroom during this project. Once all my work is done I’m hoping to get my porch back!
I lightly sanded all the surfaces, some wood and some laminate, so the primer and paint could grip better. I applied one coat of Zinsser BIN primer sealer and let it dry overnight. I only realized once I was attempting to wash my brushes out that I had used oil based primer by mistake. It still worked fine and I was able to paint my water based paint right over it. Took some Googling to make sure that would not be a problem! I used a foam roller for the larger sections and my favorite Wooster Shortcut paintbrush for the corners and curves.
The next day I applied three coats of white paint which I already had on hand from my painted wallpaper in the front entryway. I used the foam roller again as well as the Wooster Shortcut brush. And yes, I used my sons’ wooden toy blocks to raise the bench up off the floor. It adds character to the toys.

Once the bench was dry I added the drawers and painted them as well. I was only painting the front of them so this was easier to do once they were attached to the bench.

Next up, hardware!
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