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a kitchen banquette {cutting up the entertainment unit}

So the day finally came to put all my ideas and plans into action. My tv entertainment unit was empty, the doors and shelves were all removed. For old times sake I even dusted and cleaned it off. My brother showed up with some tools and we got to work. 

We would be removing the top two third’s of this piece from the bottom. It is a large sturdy unit and the future bench will hold up well all on its’ own. We placed some moving blankets under the piece since the cutting would happen right in the middle of my living room. The flying sawdust was not bad at all so no issues there!

We started off by removing the back of the unit. It is a pretty thin backing and came off easily since it was only held on with staples. Once it was out of the way we started on the cutting. Using his Bosch jig saw we first cut the left side. I say “we” because my brother and husband cut while my sister in law and I watched. Keeping the cut above what will become the top of the bench was a pretty quick job. Once the left side was cut we moved onto the middle piece connecting the top to the base.

For the middle section we needed to use a different tool. A hand saw was used because of the angle of the cut. This section took a bit longer because of the obvious, as in “all by hand”. Again the men cut, we watched.

We then moved on to the right side. This time us women folk got a little more involved and held the already cut left end. The jig saw cut through as you can see in the image below. The blade is sticking through a bit.

We all the lifted the top section off the base, or bench as we now know it. Three clean cuts that I then sanded down just a bit with a palm sander. And yes, back to just me again. 

Then just to make sure, even though I had measured and remeasured, I had them all help me carry the bench over to its’ future spot, and it fit! Not only did it fit but four children all set side by side on it. They are quick little things and were all off before I had a chance to take a picture. I swear it is true though! Big sigh of relief all around.

It was then moved onto the porch for the next couple steps…

Stay tuned!

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