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still enjoying the porch…

When I redid my three season porch a couple months ago I felt that the timing was off. It had taken me all summer to paint the ceiling, paint the walls, paint stripes on the floors, find furniture on Craigslist, hang some sheers, add some lighting and make some pillows. The cold weather came rolling in and the porch was not used anymore. I still enjoy it every day though. My kitchen window which is over my sink looks out onto the porch. There is also a door next to the refrigerator which is the porch access. 

I wish I had taken a before picture from the same angle but I was basically looking out onto this…

When your space is as gray and dismal as the weather outside it does not leave you with that warm and fuzzy feeling. The view to the outside might be snow, snow and more snow but the cheery fabrics and bright tone of the room act as a buffer to all that. I think your surroundings help dictate your mood and this room is the perfect example of that. I like to keep my home warm, cozy and fun as well. 

I’ll take my new view any day!

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