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simple wreath tutorial…

Every time I’m in a craft store I pass by the aisle with the styrofoam wreaths and tell myself that someday I’ll attempt one. Well that day came yesterday. I put together a very simple wreath from a couple supplies. Even though I love my glue gun I only used upholstery tacks to put it all together. I probably spent more time hanging it on the door than I did making it! Here is what you’ll need…

styrofoam wreath
burlap ribbon or garland
ribbon of your choice
accessories of your choice
upholstery tacks (or thumbtacks)

Begin by wrapping the burlap garland around the wreath. I placed a tack at the beginning to hold the burlap down. Try to wrap as evenly as possible so that it is spaced out evenly. 

Place another tack at the end.

Next begin wrapping your second ribbon. Space evenly again since this one will be even more visible. I placed a tack on the back at each turn to keep the ribbon from shifting.

I chose to add another ribbon. This part is up to you and also depends on what ribbon you end up selecting.

For the accessory I went into the jewelry section of the craft store. These flowers are meant for purses or headbands. I’ve decided they are meant for wreaths too.

Secure a loop of ribbon at the top to hang and you are done.

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