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shelf paper isn't just for shelves anymore…

I now have a built in in my family room that is 17 feet wide. It will soon be full of books, accessories and the occasional matchbox car. I was looking into my options of how to dress up the back of my bookcase and came up with a couple ideas. 

I could paint it either an accent color or the same color as the walls above my board and batten. This seemed like a very permanent solution to me so I nixed that idea. I like to change my design around as much as I like to rearrange furniture.

My other option was to use paper, which I’ve done before. I was looking to try something new.

Enter Chic Shelf Paper. 

With more than 300 patterns, offers the largest selection of shelf papers and drawer liners on the Web. Designs are available in high-quality vinyl, fabric, or heavy matte paper. I chose a custom size and they even accommodated my design by rotating the print to run vertically rather than horizontally. 

Chic Shelf Paper’s fine weave fabric, which is what I chose, is really a unique product. Originally designed for use on wall board (dry wall) as temporary trade show signage, it is a true textile but bonded with an adhesive backing. The adhesive is engineered to be removable, the properties of the adhesive are more like a post-it-note than duct tape. As a result, it makes a perfect wall covering for the backs of my bookshelves as there is no reflection or sheen from the surface like typical shelf paper. It has a textured matte finish and will stay in place until I choose remove it. 

I chose a small scale print, the Greige Damask. The scary part of it is that the greige is the exact same shade as Benjamin Moore Brandy Creme, my wall color. Coincidence? I think not.

Once I removed all my shelves I was left with 4 open spaces to place my shelf paper. I first thought I would place the shelf paper on large pieces of cardboard to be able to change it whenever I wanted. Once I saw how truly easy it came on and off and on again, I changed my mind. I measured away and placed it right on the back of the cabinets. 

The picture above shows the difference of how it looks with the shelf paper (on the left) and without the shelf paper (on the right). The overall difference is subtle but gives an overall warmer and lived in feeling. Just a little extra pizzazz to ordinary shelves!

I did need to do some piecing together since two of my bookshelves are wider than the roll of shelf paper. It was easy to match up the pattern and tile the shelf paper. I can’t even tell where the extra pieces are!

Before adding Chic Shelf Paper…..

and after…

It is a very subtle change in the room but definitely warms up the built ins. The stark white had an unfinished look to me. The contemporary shade of a timeless pattern gives a fun accent to the room. The paper lining will also help accent whatever items I eventually choose to place on these bookcases, such as books, accessories and yes, even a matchbox car!

find No. 29 Design at…

TDC Before and After
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