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one coat down, two to go…

The porch project is taking me longer than I thought. I’m kicking myself for not getting the painting done before the kids got out of school. So I’ve now had to pace the painting out a bit. I finally got the chance to get one coat of primer down and it’s really changed the look of the porch already. The best word to describe it now is airy. The old yellow color was dark, but now that I see white everywhere it looks very fresh and light. 

I primed all four walls, the door frames, as well as the threshold into the kitchen. It was painted a muddy green color but will be given a new coat of black. The floors will be painted as well so I’ll be priming those at some point. For now I primed the edges so that all I have to do is use the roller brush for the middle. 

I’ll be using Benjamin Moore’s Decorator’s White for the walls as well as the stripes in the floor. I’m still trying to decide my plan of attack for the floors. Do I prime the floors first or do I paint the walls with the two coats of Decorator’s White? I’m thinking to finish the walls first since this is a high traffic room. The last thing I want to see are little white footprints and paw prints in my living room! 
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