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the new secretary desk

Yard sales are going on all across America and the other day I hit it big. It has happened before, like when I found an IKEA Expedit for $5. The free mirror on the side of the road does not count. As I was driving around last Saturday, slowly and carefully of course because I was busy looking at all the yard sales, I spotted this desk…

It is a secretary desk, I’m told from the 1920’s. I’m not so sure about the age, maybe a kind reader has a better idea. It had a big sticker on it asking $75. The Mediterranean haggler in me came out, and I got it down to $50! It is only the bottom half of a typical secretary, which usually has a hutch on the top of it, but it is perfect. It has a desktop which flips down, a large drawer in front, as well as a smaller storage area inside. I’m not sure I’ll keep that part since it seems really flimsy. The brass hardware on the door is really intricate. The 1980 drawer handles don’t make the cut.
The previous owner made it very girly with a pearly pink swirly mess all over it. I have a different vision for it. This will become my desk. I currently use the dining room table as my desk and work space. I’d love to have all my things contained in one space. The projects will still happen on the dining room table, but my computer, notebooks, planner, fabric swatches, camera, and all the other things I don’t want my kids touching will be safeguarded in the secretary desk. 
Here are some examples of why this desk will be a good thing.
First of all, typically the dining room table looks like this….

Most of those items would be contained within the desk. If I am working on a project, and when am I not, the dining room table would be my workspace. Right now it is a catch all. (How do you like my new fabric by the way? Does it look familiar?)

The other reason I want my things contained is that when my camera is left out on the table, funny things happen. Just a little collage of what my little camera elves have managed to capture. Notice the recurring theme…

Obviously I have some work ahead of me. I’ve never painted furniture before so I’ve been doing a lot of research. I’ve sorted through all the opinions and options and can’t wait to share what process I used as well as some before and afters!

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