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new curtains in the dining room

The drapes in my dining room had run their course. I’d had them for about 12 years, having purchased them when I was in my “burgundy and hunter green phase”. All the decorations in my previous house were pretty dark compared to what I have now. I’ve been slowly phasing them out and it was time for the drapes to go. See for yourself…
Our current house has a more casual, comfortable feel to it than our last house. I wanted to extend that look into the dining room. The previous drapes seemed much more formal to me. I had an idea of what I wanted my new curtains to look like. Linen, simple, clean lines and some pleats. The only problem was that my sewing skills are very basic. I could not create what I envisioned in my head by myself. Then I came across The Merry Window. With gorgeous hand woven silks, linens and sheers to choose from you can select your fabric, color, and size. Custom window treatments for any room in your home. All drapes are lined, weighted and finished by hand, with your choice of pleats. I had found my drapes!
I wanted to keep my rod exactly where it was and take advantage of my wall to wall window treatments. I choose Organic White linen with flat pleats and a contrasting stripe of Organic linen in Latte along the bottom. Each panel ended up being 75 inches wide and 90.5 inches tall. I wasn’t kidding when I said they were custom! This is a first for me and I must say they are gorgeous. 
The drapes came lined with weights at the bottom. The hooks were included so all I needed to do was select some pinch pleat rings. My curtain rod is held up by three brackets and runs the entire width of my dining room. The rings are distributed around the brackets so that the drapes open and close smoothly. I simply hooked the attached hooks onto the small rings and I was done. The drapes were up in about five minutes. 
The panels run from wall to wall as well. When drawn closed it is one large wall of pleated linen happiness. I love that the light still shines through. This can be a bright window sometimes at the end of the day, especially in the summer. I wasn’t looking for room darkening drapes so these are the perfect option. They will block the glare of the sun a bit but still let light in.

Are you looking for some drapes, sheers or shades of your own? Visit The Merry Window to see the selection. You can also find out more about them on the following…

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