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my "it's not a poppy" laundry room art

I explained the other day my dilemma with my laundry room mood board. The fabric I fell in love with is now discontinued so I decided to try and recreate it myself. Then I made a trip to the Container Store and plans changed once again. I found these…

Decor Screen Panels that are meant to separate a room or to hang on a wall or window. A package of four durable polypropylene panels was only $6.99! I got so many ideas of how to use these that I grabbed a package. Initially I was thinking these would make a great stencil, they are that durable. Then I switched gears and thought of my artless laundry room. These panels against the blue walls would look great! I brought them home and held them up against the walls. The blue I had chosen for the walls was too light. It didn’t pop as much as I was hoping it would. 
Then the next idea came. I love the poppy idea, but what if I just incorporated the poppy color? A quick trip to the craft store and I was ready to try out my idea. 

I cut out poster board to act as a backing for the panels, all four of them. I then painted two coats of bright red to the poster board, with some help, of course.
The painted poster board was then taped it to the panels, 

which were then hung with my favorite 3M strips.

My pops of color are slowly but surely being added to the neutral and white space downstairs. This is now what I’m greeted with as I walk down the stairs. It was a quick and easy project that really helps brighten up a windowless room.

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