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keeping summer with you all year long…

I know summer is over and the leaves are turning but I’m just not ready for a fall mantle yet. Let’s talk about the beach…
A client of mine is redoing her family room and wants a beachy feel. Nothing over the top, no sand and seashells with oars and buoys. She would like subtle year-round beach inspired style. What is the difference? One little word, inspired.
Think of the elements of the beach, the blue water, the neutral sand, wood, sea grass, etc. Use those as texture and color to accessorize your room. Neutral furniture with accents of blues, stripes or whatever color inspires you. What color do you associate with the ocean? Turquoise, coral, red, etc…
Rattan furniture, natural fiber rugs such as jute, a wooden log side table, they all bring the element of nature into the room. Lantern can be used as light fixtures, wooden paneling on walls, the list is endless. 
Here are some images to get you inspired…

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