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house tour {the kid’s bathroom}

This room is one of the other rooms in my home that I haven’t touched too much. Everything I added was purely cosmetic. I spent less than $100 on the entire room. I painted the walls with Benjamin Moore Monroe Bisque. The mirror hanging over the sink was repainted with white. For some reason it is glued to the wall. That whole setup is a big project for another day. I then added artwork, a pelmet box as a window treatment, baskets above the toilet and some hooks on the wall.  The previous owners had sprayed the tile on the walls as well as the tub a pure white. I’m glad they did since the floors of this one are a lovely shade of yellow. Note the sarcasm. Here is the before and after…

The pelmet box I created using this tutorial. Very easy to do yourself and makes a world of difference. I prefer using pelmet boxes in bathrooms for some simple reason. They add fabric, or pattern and color and they don’t hang down low. In a house of little kids where two of the children are boys and the window is right next to the toilet, well, I don’t think I need to explain that any further…

The artwork was something I created just for fun. Some basic rules of the bathroom and a little something to make them giggle.

There was no storage above the toilet which I was fine with since there is a huge closet in this bathroom. I don’t even have anything stores under the sink right now except a basket of bath toys. I wanted to add something above the toilet that used the entire height of the wall. I found these thin wire basket at HomeGoods and hung them up with hooks. They only hold rolled up towels so they don’t need to be too sturdy right now. I took the plastic bars off that were mounted into the tile and installed some hooks I found at an antique store. I was told they are from a train station. The towels then hang down and cover the tile mounts so you can’t even tell.  

I have a simple white curtain since the tub is in a strange location. It is right next to the door. If I have a curtain all around it the whole bathroom would be cut off because of it.  I’d love to change the layout of this bathroom once day. With the bathtub under the window I could place the toilet next to it on the right. I could then have a double sink since this bathroom is for three kids. 

I’d also do some rewiring since first of all I hate the light fixture about the sink. The second reason? Well the outlet does not work unless the lights are on in the master bathroom, down the hall. It took a while for us to figure that one out!

On another note, No. 29 Design turns two today! 

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