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curtains around the front door…

The other day I decided to make some changes in my entryway. One thing led to another of course and now I have a couple new projects in front of me. All it took was for me to decide I needed to do something about my front door. I had put some sheers on sidelight curtain rods a while back, mainly to hide my extremely ugly sidelights. It was time for a change but I didn’t want to install anything too permanent since I’m a constant redecorator. After taking some measurements I was able to find a shower curtain rod that fit perfectly. Yes, you read that right. A tension shower curtain rod fit the width of my hallway. No nails. You’d be surprised with the selection out there these days. 

I used 90 inch tall curtains to take advantage of the height of my ceilings and some clip on curtain rings. The bright white of the linen curtains will fit in well with what I plan on doing to the rest of the space. 

Since it is cold here and there is now snow on the ground I love that we can draw these closed at night and retain some heat. It also covers our mailbox slot which is on the bottom left sidelight. If the mail isn’t slid all the way in it stands open all day, sending some arctic blasts into our home. The curtains help keep this cold out.

The linen fabric will work well in the summer months also. I can see myself changing them for something with pattern every once in a while. If I like the look enough I might make it a bit more permanent. Or not.
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