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The days are starting to get longer here but I still find myself turning the lights on around 5 pm every day. We don’t have any overhead lighting in our living room, just three table lamps. They do an adequate job but the room still is dim. I wanted to brighten the room up a bit without adding more lamps. I like things light and bright and I love sun streaming in my windows. At night, I like a well lit room. The light bulbs I was using throughout the whole living room just weren’t bright enough for me. 

GE has come out with an energy efficient light bulb which helped me with all that. The GE reveal light bulb transforms a room by removing the dull yellow found in a standard light bulb. It is replaced with a clean, white light.

I had been using soft white bulbs in my living room so I started the switch by testing out my favorite reading corner. I swapped the light bulbs out with a GE reveal bulb and loved the results. 

All the colors surrounding the lamp appear to pop out even more. The shadows disappeared a bit as well. It is a crisp white light that makes me think of spring and not winter. Those dark winter nights just got a bit brighter around here.

DISCLOSURE: GE provided me with the reveal light bulbs free of charge. I was not compensated for this review. All opinions are my own.  

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