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Asbestos tile removal and more fun stuff…

The asbestos tile has been removed and the basement is now ready to be recreated. Asbestos tile removal was a two day process. A group of three came and first set up lots of plastic sheets to keep our upstairs asbestos free. The tiles were removed all in one day out through the bulkhead door. The next day they came back and sealed in the mastic (which is the glue that holds the tile down) by painting it all with paint. 
I love that the basement now smells like paint. Not mold, not mildew. Just paint. 
I’m ordering flooring and picking up the IKEA pieces to recreate my built in. I’m doing the exact same thing down there because it was perfect the way it was. I’m on the calendar with my contractor so hopefully I’ll have my basement back sooner than I thought! 

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