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an indoor wreath

My front entryway has an outlet in a very strange place. It might make sense to someone but not to me. It needed to be higher up on the wall because of the radiator but not that high! I’ve had a lamp plugged into it in the past but I hated seeing the chord. I’ll be redoing my hallway soon so it is currently empty of all furniture and decorations. 

It looked a little too naked compared to the rest of the house since Christmas decorations are up everywhere. I received a Biltmore Pine 24 inch pre-lit wreath from Treetopia which would perfectly cover the outlet and add some Christmas cheer at the same time.

 First I determined where the wreath would sit to hide the outlet once it was plugged in. I then attached a 3M hook to the wall to hold the wreath in place.

Once the wreath was up and plugged in I decided it needed a bit more…

…so I added some ribbon to the top, using a 3M strip this time. The ribbon looks like it wraps around the wreath but it actually is just attached to the wall, wrapped around the bottom and then tucked into the wire frame.

That still wasn’t enough for me so I cut some more ribbon and attached it the the wall using adhesive dots. 

Now the outlet is hidden and the front entryway has joined the rest of the house in celebrating the holidays.

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