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Nov 28, 2012

painting a ceramic lamp...

You know that lamp sitting in your basement, attic or husband's office at work? The one that was bought ages ago and has a ripped shade which isn't even worth photographing. I'm talking about this lamp...

This one was in my husband's office at work and rather than buy him a new one I decided to give this one a makeover. I first covered the base and top section with painters tape. 

I cleaned it up with some glass cleaner and started painting, using some sample house paint I had in French Antique blue.

A couple coats later and I had a new lamp with a matte finish. I finished it off with 2 coats of Krylon Crystal Clear gloss spray and then let it all dry overnight.

One linen lampshade later and I had a brand new lamp. Just for effect, here is the before...

and the after...

Ahhhh, much better. You know you have one of these lying around somewhere. Go spray yourself a brand new lamp!

TDC Before and After

Nov 26, 2012

Let the Holiday decorating begin...

My neighbors next door have a lovely birch tree in their yard. Let me rephrase that. They had a lovely birch tree in their yard. Even though is was dead, it was beautiful to look at. They had plans to take it down and I had some plans as well. The day I heard the chainsaw cutting away I planned on asking for some branches. Well that day was Saturday. I heard the buzzing, took a peak outside, did a happy dance and went over to ask.

It was a large tree so as we were discussing how it would be missed I casually asked, "So what are you doing with all the branches?" Not holding my breath or anything I heard the reply, "I'm not sure, do you want some?"

Keeping my composure I said I'd take a couple. I was even asked what size I wanted them cut at! What a good neighbor. I came home after a day with family to find this on my patio...

Here's where Pinterest comes in. I've been looking around for some ideas of what to do with these.

This is just the tip of the iceberg as far as what I can do with these. The centerpiece ideas are a whole other story! This is my first step to thinking about the Holidays. I'm probably the only blogger out there who doesn't have her tree up and entire house decorated. I do love decorating for Christmas but I'm still getting over Thanksgiving. I'll get there eventually!

Nov 18, 2012

girls room redesign...

I have a new project in the works. When we moved into our home almost three years ago I had a lot of rooms to decorate. My daughter was 7 years old at the time and we decided on a garden style room. 

The furniture was arranged, a wall decal was put up, a pellet box was made and we called it a day. The room was light, bright but pretty bare. She is now almost 10 and informed me that she now that she is a pre-teen, her room is too babyish. Pre-teen, yikes, but other than that I was ecstatic! I've been wanting to work on her room for a while but I needed to figure out what she needed and what the room could do. 

We now have a joint project ahead of us. We've made most of the decisions together and will do most of the work together as well. I'm going to take you along for the ride with us. Here are some of the topics I'll be sharing with you...

1. picking paint colors and making it last
2. letting your child make decisions on their room that 
   you can live with
3. figuring out what your child needs from their room
4. working with what you have (as far as furniture goes)
5. storage
6. accessories
7. lighting issues

It isn't a huge job, just very thought out. We have one big piece of the project which requires a trip to good old IKEA. Other than that we are working with what we have. A coat of paint doesn't hurt either...

Nov 15, 2012

November thank you time...

Whether you are shopping for the holiday (already!), budgeting your renovation, or looking for some projects to do around the house, my sponsors have you covered...

Chic Shelf Paper

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Nov 13, 2012

no sew box pleat curtains from a tablecloth

Yes, you read all that right. I've have this project in my head for a while. I love no sew options for window treatments, like these and these. Are you ready for the supply list? I used one piece of wood for each panel, one tablecloth (cut in half), a staple gun and a AAA card! 

We created a guest room by putting up walls in what used to be our family room. The room was divided up into a guest room, a large walk in closet and a hallway. We were then able to open the doorway leading to the basement and create a better flow to the downstairs.  The one window in this room needed some drama to say the least. 

There were a couple of obstacles to take into account first.  The window is right up against the ceiling so putting a rod across the window would have looked strange in my opinion. It also would have made the ceiling seem very short. I didn't want to call attention to that. The other obstacle was the shelf that runs around half of the room. I actually like this feature in that it has become a display area. Curtains that ran to the floor were out of the question though, but they could hit the top of the shelf. I knew I wanted panels, I wanted pleats and my dad had just given me a new staple gun. I had a plan.

I wanted to make sure there was no sewing involved so I purchased a $14 tablecloth which goes quite nicely with my new "rug". Did you know that tablecloths are 60 inches by 84 inches. Curtain panels are 54 inches by 84 inches and one panel costs more than $14. Do the math. 

If I had a normal window situation I would have purchased two tablecloths. I was able to use one and cut it in half. I now had three finished edges and one unfinished edge. The unfinished edge is the one I would be stapling over the wood.

I began by wrapping the cut portion of the fabric around my pre-cut piece of wood. The size of the wood is up to you. Mine pieces are 10 inches long. That means I will have 10 inches of fabric on each side of the window, pleats and all. I made sure my fabric wrapped around the piece of wood and hit the back. This is where the staples would be hidden. I put in one staple to keep it in place and then laid it all out on the floor with the wood under the fabric. Once all the stapling is done the fabric will be wrapped up and over the top of the wood.

I began stapling by creating a fold and securing that to the wood. This way the curtains start with a pleat and not just the edge of the tablecloth. I used the AAA card to get consistent pleats without a ruler. I wrapped the fabric around the card and stapled. Remember, none of this will be seen!

I used the card again to create a fold for the underside of the box pleat. I stapled that down and began the next pleat.

I repeated the process till I reached the edge, which I also turned over to finish the last pleat.

The top looks messy but the area where all the staples are is the area that will be attached to the wall. I then ironed the pleats, concentrating more on the top of the panel than on the bottom.

Once both panels were stapled and ironed I pulled out my favorite 3M strips. I placed four on each wood panel and stapled one side of them into the wood. I then placed the other side of the strip on top and pressed down to secure them. I placed the panels at the very top of the wall, just under the molding and pushed them down a few times.

 In less than 45 minutes and for less than $20 my window went from this...

 to this...

So, like I said...no sew box pleat curtains made with a piece of wood, a tablecloth, a staple gun and a AAA card. Do you believe me now?

TDC Before and After
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