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Sep 27, 2012

another barn door...

I have a thing for barn doors and on a recent weekend away I came across this gorgeous example...

Where do I begin? The door, the angled windows, the weathered wood, the black windows with white trim, the barn light, the old fashioned gas pump....


Sep 25, 2012

fall mantle

I love everything about fall. The crisp air, the incredible foliage, apple picking, sweaters, boots, apple crisp. I could go on and on. It is also one of my favorite seasons for decorating. This year I kept it simple. Some pumpkins, burlap, berries from our yard, a basket with a lot of history, and a collection of cozy blankets.

I wrote my own message on an actual pumpkin with my favorite black sharpie. I might try this outside as well!

The basket came from my fathers' house in a small village in Greece. It was originally used by my grandmother to collect the vegetable from the garden and the grapes from the vineyard. It then made the trip here sometime in the 1970's, sewn up in fabric and loaded with my grandmothers' cheese. During my childhood it was the basket next to the wood stove that held the kindling wood. Now it is in retirement on my mantle.

I couldn't resist a velvet pumpkin of course!

My kids love wrapping up in blankets while watching television. They each have their favorite, some of them not very pretty. They are all in this easy to locate basket, covered up by an eye pleasing option pour moi.

I've had this tin bin forever. It was actually a Christmas present filled with cracker and cheese, you know the one. I've kept it for that "one day I'll use it" occasion. I've always resisted putting in on furniture because it has a very rough bottom and will scratch anything it comes in contact with. I found that out the hard way. I'm happy to say it has finally found a home, along with some dried flowers.

 Happy Fall!

Sep 23, 2012

Adding character to your plain garage doors...

Months back I was wandering through Pinterest Land and came across this image...

By finding those six pieces of hardware I could add some character and curb appeal to my own home. I searched around the internet and came across Garage Door Hardware Direct. They offer a variety of decorative parts and accessories in your choice of finishes for residential as well as commercial overhead doors. Many of there products can be used on gates, fences, barn doors, and window shutters. 

I chose the Americana Series Pull and Strap Hardware Set. It comes with four stamped steel strap hinges and two narrow pull handles. All of this is purely decorative and not meant to open or close your garage door. One set covers one garage door. 

The set came with very clear instructions as well as the necessary screws. All I needed was a pencil, level, drill bit and screwdriver. I started with an ordinary garage door

My door has raised panels and a row of windows. I decided to install the first set of hinges at the top of the joint under the window.

I began by marking where the strap hinges would go. It was important to make sure that the pieces did not overlap the joints in order to not interfere with the operation of the door. I made sure each pencil mark was level and then drilled a hole using the drill bit.  

one hinge

two hinges

three hinges

four hinges

Installing the door handles was just as easy. I used the pencil and level again, then drilled the holes with the drill bit and screwed in the handles.

This whole project took me a total of twenty minutes. Three cars stopped by during the process to comment on my doors, and I don't live on a busy street! They looked realistic enough for my three year old to try it out and then tell me he can't open the doors. 

Sometimes the smallest detail can make such a difference. Do you have some boring garage doors that could use some help?

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TDC Before and After

Sep 20, 2012

I can now look at my shutters...

The exterior of our home had a couple problems. Vinyl siding in a murky shade of beige/yellow, a burgundy front door, vinyl shutters in an even murkier shade of dark green/brown, and no curb appeal. After a couple projects, painting the front door, and painting all the hardware, I was ready to move on to the shutters. 

I bought some Rust-Oleums Painters Touch Ultra Cover 2X in glossy black. I then removed all the shutters and spread them out with cardboard underneath in order to spray them.

I didn't take any shots while I was working. The spray is sticky and very quick-drying. I was able to put two coats on each shutter within one day. Here they are before...

We had an issue with a hornets nest behind our last shutter. We had to spray and remove the hornets before we could remove the shutter. They weren't too happy with us and I wasn't too happy with them! My house looked like this for a couple days. The left shutter is the new color, the right shutter is the original. I felt like it was winking at me.

Eventually the hornets were gone and we could move on. I had purchased new screws since the original ones were extremely rusty. Here's a quick tip for anyone doing this project. When screwing the screws back in, have the spray paint on hand in order to cover the head of the screw.

Finally all the shutters are back on. I love the way the black shutters, the newly painted hardware and blue front door go so well together. And yes, I'm only showing you part of the front of my house for a reason. Any guesses?

Sep 18, 2012

Spray paint your hardware to get a whole new front door…

I shared my new front door the other day, part one of my exterior face lift project. Today is part two, updating my hardware. I could have gone out and bought a whole new set, doorknob, doorbell, door knocker, mail slot and house numbers. That would have cost me about $300. Instead I bought one can of Rust-Oleum Universal metallic spray paint in oil rubbed bronze for just under $6.

The wall sconce outside my front door is a oil rubbed bronze original to the house. The hardware was all brass so I simply removed it all and sprayed. 

In the case of my doorknob and key hole I sprayed it right on the door. I knew I would be painting the door so I was able to do this with no damage. One quick tip, place the key in the keyhole so no spray paint gets in there. I left the key in until it was dry. The plus to doing this, I now know which key goes to my front door!

Spray two coats of your selected spray paint. I sprayed the screws as well. 

I then put everything back in its' place. This part took the longest but it all makes such a difference. 

See for yourself. Here is the before..

the during (the glass door hardware still needed to be sprayed)...

and the after. A new doormat (thank you Target) and some mums finish it off. Part two done, one more to go! Stay tuned...

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TDC Before and After

Sep 16, 2012

keeping summer with you all year long...

I know summer is over and the leaves are turning but I'm just not ready for a fall mantle yet. Let's talk about the beach...

A client of mine is redoing her family room and wants a beachy feel. Nothing over the top, no sand and seashells with oars and buoys. She would like subtle year-round beach inspired style. What is the difference? One little word, inspired.

Think of the elements of the beach, the blue water, the neutral sand, wood, sea grass, etc. Use those as texture and color to accessorize your room. Neutral furniture with accents of blues, stripes or whatever color inspires you. What color do you associate with the ocean? Turquoise, coral, red, etc...

Rattan furniture, natural fiber rugs such as jute, a wooden log side table, they all bring the element of nature into the room. Lantern can be used as light fixtures, wooden paneling on walls, the list is endless. 

Here are some images to get you inspired...

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