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Aug 29, 2012

color inspiration...

Yesterday my husband came home with some flowers. They were gorgeous. I started taking some pictures because the colors are incredible. The photographs don't do them justice. 

Aug 24, 2012

my sidelights need some help…

My home was built in the 1950's. The style is definitely traditional, minus one area.  The sidelights surrounding my front door are traditional but the glass panels are not. The glass in these panels are ribbed and don't match the style of the rest of the house. We made so many changes to the front hall when we first moved in. Replacing the front door was not one of them. 

The sidelights stuck out like a sore thumb. After a couple weeks of cringing every time I walked through the front hall, I came up with a solution. The ribbed glass is hidden, the front hall feels more inviting and it only took about 15 minutes.

I purchased two sash rods that were each a little wider than the sidelights. 

I placed them above the top of the sidelight panel and installed a sheer curtain. The curtain blocks the ribbed glass but still lets in sunlight. This option is also great if your sidelight issue is privacy instead of my situation, which is just plain ugly.

Out of sight, out of mind!

Aug 21, 2012

more on rugs...

So my rug shopping is not complete. I have two, possibly three other spaces that could use a rug. My mudroom is bare and will need something but I'm still in the middle of putting this room together. The new guest room has bare floors as well. I want bright colors, warm and cheery. Nothing floral, I'm looking for something out of my comfort zone.

The laundry room could use a little punch of color as well. Then again, black and white would look really great in there as well. This is one of the few times that I'm looking around with nothing in mind. I'm just waiting for the rug to hit me. Here are some that have caught my eye so far...

Do you see my problem? Keep in mind that these are rugs for three different rooms.  All the rugs are at  great prices and the quality is fantastic. They are all contenders in my book!

Aug 18, 2012

pve designs giveaway...

As I was browsing through the Internet a while back I came across some sketches and instantly fell in love. The style of drawing was so inviting and personalized. I love hand drawn illustrations. I wished I could draw better. Instead I will live vicariously through Patricia of pve designs' lovely work...

Visit the shop or blog to see some more samples of her work. Pick one you love best then come back and leave a comment letting me know your choice.

Patricia has graciously offered the winner a set of six note cards...

One entry per person please!

This giveaway will be open until Monday, August 27th at 11:59 pm EST.  A winner will be chosen at random by Random.org. 

{read the official giveaway rules here}

Aug 16, 2012

august thank you...

I'd like to thank all my sponsors today. Please go for a visit and check out what they have to offer!

{4} The Felt Pod   {5} Quote the Walls   {6} PVE Designs 

Aug 14, 2012

we bought a rug...

Since our family room is now complete the first layer of decoration has been added. We bought a rug. I knew I wanted neutral. This room will eventually be filled with lots of fabric in the form of pillows and accessories. Choosing a neutral rug keeps you from limiting color choices. I also knew I wanted some form of natural material such as jute or sisal. I narrowed down my choices to the following two rugs...


JUTE Chenille Herringbone RUG in Natural/Ivory via West elm

I had looked at countless rugs at places like Home Goods, Overstock.com and even Target. The Pottery Barn rug actually has a similar version at Target. The price difference reflect the quality of the rug. The Target version is a very loose weave which will be a mess of just rope within a year.

I've never done this before but I actually ordered the samples for the rugs. 

I brought them home and let the people who truly know what they are talking about test them for me. My children. 

I definitely had a favorite and am happy to say that according to a recent survey of a nine year old, a six year old and a slightly less interested 3 year old, the West Elm rug is the softest. I love the pattern of the herringbone and the way it adds texture to the space without adding too much color. It had enough jute to get that natural feel I wanted with an equal amount of chenille for the softness factor.

I will not be the one sitting on that rug on movie night. I will not be the one playing a board game with friends on that rug. I will be the one on the sofa. So I laid them out on the floor and literally had my kids lie down on the rugs and tell me which one they liked best. I'm that kind of mother that gives their kids choices that have already been decided upon. They think they are making a decision and everyone is satisfied.

The happy day arrived and the rug was delivered. 

It got a workout right away. Better that it knows up front what to expect! 

Once it was done being a horse/magic carpet/police car, I was allowed to open it up and unroll it.

The sofa is not in its' final resting place, which will be facing the television. The rug fits perfectly between the sofa and built in when the furniture is laid out that way.

An added benefit is the fact that the rug samples now look fantastic in my car!

Aug 12, 2012

field trip to IKEA...

Yesterday was an IKEA day. We were there for the sole purpose of getting one particular item (more on that later). IKEA is like Target, you walk in needing one thing and walk out with much more than that. Besides that one item, I did walk out with some ideas. 

I also loved my three year old's reactions. Around every corner was a kitchen or bathroom. He was shocked every time and kept dragging me into the bathrooms to prove there really was a toilet in there. 

Here are some highlights, sorry for the horrific lighting...

I love the idea of railings holding extra items for your kitchen as in the picture below. This would be a great place for spices, oils, sugar, coffee. Keeping as many items as possible off the counter tops help keep the kitchen feeling organized and not crowded. I work best with limits. If it doesn't fit in the tray on my countertop it gets put away. The same rule could be applied here.

I love the look of small structures, I have at least three varieties in my home right now. This mini greenhouse could be added to the list except for the fact that plants come to my house to die. I have no green thumb whatsoever.

This small corner of a room is such a sweet spot. It could be place in a kitchen, a family room, a child's bedroom, a playroom. The possibilities are endless. The shelves could hold art supplies and the spot can easily grow with the child. Once they are older (and taller) the overhead lamp can be raised up and become a reading corner with a comfortable chair. I like thinking of design for the long term as well. Creating a unique space for your child is a great idea. Just make sure you know what that space will look like once your child had grown a bit.

This map got me thinking. I didn't actually buy it but it got the wheels turning a bit. 

Do you need a mudroom but don't actually have the room for it. Any wall can become a landing spot for keys, mail, shoes, bags, etc... This was approximately 4 feet of wall space. That empty spot which is behind a door when open can be utilized. Even a bedroom can have some additional storage this way. The shoe cabinet doesn't need to be limited to shoes either. Mail, gift bags, paper supplies, girls hair accessories can all find a happy and organized home here. 

This chair. In a sun room. With cushions...

This was a large open kitchen space. The picture does not do it justice at all. The cabinets were white, the counter top was a gray composite and the table was a gray weather stain. The appliances were stainless and it all looked beautiful together. Not to mention the greenhouse on the counter. 

This corner of a kitchen became an instant pantry. Simple shelving but with plenty of storage. Matching containers and baskets keep an organized look. I love those little trash cans.

More railing systems in the kitchen. This one would be great in a mudroom to hold mail, keys, phones and more. This would also be an easy way to add storage in a bathroom.

This bed had extra storage behind it. If you have a tight space (maybe a shared bedroom) and don't want to take up floor room with a night table this would be a perfect solution. It can easily be done with a bed you already have by moving it away from the wall and adding some simple cabinetry behind. 

The map... again... 

My handy helper had a blast and didn't want to leave, but we eventually left with what we needed and I can't wait to start working on this project. Here's a hint, we now have a guest room...

Aug 8, 2012

and now it's done...

I've posted many pictures showing the progress of my built ins. First they were a concept, they then started to go up, then they were up and paper was added to the back. Then they were styled and now the finishing touch has been added…

I don't like to say that the television makes the room, but in this case it makes the space. I had many questions from readers asking why my tv bench was so low and wouldn't that be uncomfortable for viewing. When I designed this area of the basement I always planned on mounting the television to the wall of board and batten above the tv bench. The board and batten mimics the rest of the board and battern throughout the room. Now it is mostly hidden by the television, but it all makes sense visually. 

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