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Jun 28, 2012

the new secretary desk

Yard sales are going on all across America and the other day I hit it big. It has happened before, like when I found an IKEA Expedit for $5. The free mirror on the side of the road does not count. As I was driving around last Saturday, slowly and carefully of course because I was busy looking at all the yard sales, I spotted this desk...

It is a secretary desk, I'm told from the 1920's. I'm not so sure about the age, maybe a kind reader has a better idea. It had a big sticker on it asking $75. The Mediterranean haggler in me came out, and I got it down to $50! It is only the bottom half of a typical secretary, which usually has a hutch on the top of it, but it is perfect. It has a desktop which flips down, a large drawer in front, as well as a smaller storage area inside. I'm not sure I'll keep that part since it seems really flimsy. The brass hardware on the door is really intricate. The 1980 drawer handles don't make the cut.

The previous owner made it very girly with a pearly pink swirly mess all over it. I have a different vision for it. This will become my desk. I currently use the dining room table as my desk and work space. I'd love to have all my things contained in one space. The projects will still happen on the dining room table, but my computer, notebooks, planner, fabric swatches, camera, and all the other things I don't want my kids touching will be safeguarded in the secretary desk. 

Here are some examples of why this desk will be a good thing.

First of all, typically the dining room table looks like this....

Most of those items would be contained within the desk. If I am working on a project, and when am I not, the dining room table would be my workspace. Right now it is a catch all. (How do you like my new fabric by the way? Does it look familiar?)

The other reason I want my things contained is that when my camera is left out on the table, funny things happen. Just a little collage of what my little camera elves have managed to capture. Notice the recurring theme...

Obviously I have some work ahead of me. I've never painted furniture before so I've been doing a lot of research. I've sorted through all the opinions and options and can't wait to share what process I used as well as some before and afters!

Jun 26, 2012

a giveaway by brightsides designs...

One of my generous sponsors, Brightsides Designs, has offered a giveaway for one of No. 29 Designs lucky readers. Enter the giveaway and receive $75 on anything in the shop. In one sentence, it is simple art for rad people!

Here are some of my favorite items in the shop...

I loved the last one so much that I now have one of my own!

I'm a sucker for an ampersand. It is the graphic designer in me! This piece is a perfect addition to my boys' bedroom. Cars and fast things are right up their alley. The vintage style and bright red really fits into the space.

Not only is Brightsides Designs offering a giveaway, they are also offering No. 29 Design readers 20% off through Saturday, June 30th! Just use the coupon code NO29Design20.

To enter the giveaway all you need to do is leave a comment on which item you like. For additional entries you can....

1. "like" Brightsides Designs on Facebook
2. follow Brightsides Designs blog
3. follow No. 29 Design
4. "like No. 29 Design on Facebook

This giveaway will be open until Wednesday, July 4th at 11:59 pm EST.  A winner will be chosen at random by Random.org. 

{read the official giveaway rules here}

Jun 24, 2012

a little inspiration with the help of Sabrina Soto...

Off the back of my kitchen I have a three season porch. This area became the storage room as we went through our basement renovation. The renovation is now complete and the three season porch is once again empty, just waiting for a purpose. I've decided to turn it into my summer escape. Since the back patio is extremely small and in need of some work the porch will be our outdoor space for dining and relaxing.

Sabrina Soto, a HGTV Designer and the Target Style Expert for Home has created an Inspiration Board for Summer with me in mind. Just kidding but it's nice to think so. 

I already have a table and chairs so I just need a couple items to create a relaxing space full of summer accents. 

These blue and white pillow as well as the basket weave pillow 
remind me of the beach, which is what summer is all about to me. 

Some simple turquoise vases for the wildflowers and weeds my boys always find for me. 
It's the thought that counts...

I'll need some storage for the utensils, napkins, cups and anything else to pull together a quick cookout. Having it all in these colorful baskets on the table keeps me organized.

I've always loved the doorstop I've seen in another catalog which I will not name here. 
Keeping the door open between the porch and the outside with this Rope Decor Ball adds to 
the "it's summer" theme. 

And finally, we have storage baskets. Me and wicker baskets with chalkboard labels are old friends. I actually use one of these as my main laundry basket, before it goes to the laundry room to be sorted in the three bin sorter. This one would be fantastic for those extra pillows.

Adding just a few key items can really give a space a whole new feeling. Some outdoor curtains would help add to the intimacy as well. If you don’t have the budget to buy big statement pieces, go for an assortment of colorful pillows, a bright throw blanket or eye-catching décor pieces that can instantly transform a room without breaking the bank. Target is a great place to find affordable décor pieces.”

Jun 21, 2012

pins of the week

I currently love Pinterest. Categorizing the ideas and inspirations you find online is so simple and effective. I had so many pins before we started the work on out basement. I used them to show our contractor, and now I'm using them as I go through all the projects I've taken on. Every day I pin at least one new idea. Here is a look at my collection for this week.

Jun 19, 2012

felt bulletin board

One of my sponsors, The Felt Pod, generously sent me some felt ribbon the other day. I've never worked with felt before, and we are not talking normal felt at all. This is not the kind of primary color felt you find in your local craft store. This is 100% wool felt in an amazing assortment of colors. I decided to create a bulletin board since I'll be needing one soon for a new area coming up in my home. 

I purchased a cork board at the craft store and put a layer of fabric first. I didn't want anything too bold so I chose to cut some sheer curtains I already had. The stitch pattern on them adds enough without actually using fabric with a pattern. I didn't want the felt ribbon to get lost in the fabric.

I cut the felt into 16 stripes which would act as the border of the bulletin board. They were then stapled into the back of the corkboard. I laid out the top and the bottom borders, then added the sides in a basket weave pattern.

Once all four sides of the border were done it was time for some thumbtacks. I'm doing this all backwards since this bulletin board is part of my next project. I've been looking for a space to collect my visual thoughts. Each item below is from a separate project! Summer has slowed me down a bit but camp starts next week and I'm ready to get some work done!

Jun 16, 2012

the hand...

I purchased this hand a little while ago and I promised that I would explain why. It looks strange and I'm pretty sure my three year old is afraid of it. Here is my reasoning. 

Bringing random decorative accents into the home might be easy to do. Finding accents with meaning is a little more difficult. When something has meaning because it might be an heirloom, from your travels or a gift from someone special, it makes sense to have it in your home. Picking up something at Target because you just like it works as well, but finding something random and making it your own makes it personal. 

Here is my example. All students at one time or another doodle. Notebooks are always filled on the margins with whatever your personal doodle was (past tense since I haven't been a student for quite a while). My high school and college notebooks were filled with hands. I would pose my left hand on my desktop and draw that. Everywhere. 

When I saw the hand I was reminded of that. The color was not what I would go for, but since it was in the clearance section I went for it. A couple coats of spray paint later and this is what I've got...

It has definitely lost the creepy factor. When I explained the "hand story" to my nine year old she thought we should add a pencil to it to help explain the story a bit more. She takes after her mama!

Jun 13, 2012

recycled pitcher...

In my effort to work with items I already have in my home and see how I can reuse them I have found my latest victim. I purchased a cookie jar, pitcher, sugar jar and milk pitcher a couple years back when I was in my "everything in my kitchen must match" phase. Fast forward a couple years and those pieces are slowly getting an overhaul. 

These items have gotten some wear and tear over the years so I decided to try painting them black. 

I purchased some flat black spray paint and applied 3 coats, waiting about a hour between each coat. 

The end result is not perfect, but for a recycled item, not too shabby. I still have a couple more pieces so next time I'll be trying out a different medium, chalkboard spray! 

Jun 12, 2012

a june thank you...

June is almost halfway done so that means it is time to say thank you to all my lovely sponsors. I hope you take some time to visit their shops and blogs!




Jun 10, 2012

eye candy

With the addition of a newly stenciled hallway I am on the lookout for some furniture. The space is tight but hopefully I can pull off finding something tall, wide and less that 14 inches deep. I ask a lot, I know. 

The problem is I get an image in my head and there is no changing my mind. I picture an older piece that is open so that the stencil is visible, painted a beautiful buttery yellow. Enjoy the eye candy...



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